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I love a versatile piece of clothing. There's nothing worse than purchasing an item, coming home and realising it just doesn't fit with anything else in your closet. When I work with clients who tend to repeatedly purchase clothes that don't work with their wardrobe I provide them with a shopping mantra, "If it doesn't make 3, then don't take it out for tea".

This week I'm showing how my cute blue sweater goes from day to night and from spring to fall. Below a break down of the outfits going clockwise.

* Look 1 is a skirt by Ulla Johnson that can be worn casually with sneakers or add heels for a flirty feminine feel.

* Look 2 is my winter fall take on this sweater, because of the open knit layering is key.

* For the 3rd look, I layered with a simple t-shirt instead of a wool turtleneck making this look practical for the current change of season and unpredictable weather, the leather pants or the softest you'll ever find, they are by the Parisian brand Stoules.

* Look 4 is part of my cozy weekend look, a designer sweater combined with 15 chi pants. Perfect for traveling, or a cup of tea in the garden.

* Look 5 is my take on breezy evening attire, this skirt by Forte Forte is so shimmery it makes you feel like a star.

* Look 6 is the same outfit but switched out for sneakers, in other words, I'm ready for the after party.

* Look 7 is of me running out the store to pick up my kids, same sweater great Citizen of Humanity Jeans accompanied by comfortable and quirky slides by Ulla Johnson.

* Look 8 was what I wore to our last dinner party, the sweater is from Wicky (but I've had to update this as it has just sold out) and the skirt and shoes are my vintage store finds in honour of Oxfam's Second Hand September.

For more cool looks or tips please contact me directly or visit me at Wicky in Basel, I'm there most Wednesdays and Fridays.


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