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Witchy Woman

Ohhhh Halloween was so fun this year! I love a good dress up party but this year my closet was the Wicky Store in Basel where I found gorgeous ensembles that worked for night outs as well as trick or treating with the kids. Plus, what's the point of buying a costume you'll only wear once when you can purchase an outfit that you'll love and where much longer. Added bonus, the latter approach is much more sustainable.

So here's a bit of a review of the past weeks looks:

1. Your friendly neighbourhood witch. She will launch her hat off her head and it will fly back like a boomerang leaving everyone in giggles.

2. The knight in shinning armour. Available to save princes in despair whilst riding bareback on dragons. Please book ahead as her agenda is quite packed for the moment due to a recent up tick in princes stranded in castles.

3. Esmeralda, a pro at swinging around roof tops and church tours she's as nimble as she is quick and is here to get you out in a pinch.

4. Last but not absolutely not least a Lady Gaga inspired woman from the North East who loves a too feast and hopes that all you lovely monsters and beasts had wonderful Halloween treats.


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