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Shopping in the time of Corona

There was once a little girl who was offered a beautiful pair of leather shoes. They were the first real pair of loafers she would own. Something that, at least in her eyes, felt a bit more grown up. There was a bit of a ceremony involved. First dressing up to go to the "nice" store. A polite greeting to the sales lady as we walked in and explained our reason for the visit. Then my eye wondered around the leather delights displayed prettily on the counter. She was told that if these shoes were treated nicely there would be more to follow, but only if they were loved and cared for.

Fast forward a couple decades and this story still rings true. My love of pretty clothes started, as my mother would say, started early on. Dressed in smock dresses brought back from our trips to visit family in France the art of dressing up was always present. But it wasn't just the art of dressing, it was the ceremony and pleasure linked to an investment purchase. When we traveled to France it was never about filling our suitcases to the brim, it was about finding the item we would treasure for years to come. I still shop in this manner today, I enjoy walking into a store and enjoying the feels of the fabric while chatting with the wonderful people in the boutiques. It provides me not only with a wonderful manner to build relationships in Basel but also is obviously helpful to my clients. The better the stores know me the easier it is to find those sought after pieces for my customers.

The point above is what led to a discussion with the Zurich Influencers Instagram feed about shopping and my opinion on the impact the Coronavirus will have on our spending habits. What I tried to portray is linked to what I state above. I feel that consumers will turn to more sustainable choices such as investing in quality or second hand finds while looking for more local solutions. Link to the article with my thoughts can be found here

If you would like to join me in supporting our Basel locals stores here are four that have impressed me with their team work, drive and passion for their job:

1. Designer Second Hand Basel

With a store in Basel that has the feel of a funky second hand shop and a recently opened online store, Franzi specialises in second hand designer clothes. I've both sold and purchased items from them. The clothes are in great condition and I adore their handbag selection. You can shop via their website or Instagram.

2. The Vintage Galore Collective

Ditte is a Danish dream. She truly

embodies sustainable living and as an added bonus runs her wonderfully curated instagram shop with fantastic vintage finds. She is my go to for old school Levis and stunning silks. You can shop her looks on DePop or Instagram.

3. AnLu

When I think of passionate, driven and incredibly busy women Regula springs to mind. She is not only the founder and creator behind the AnLu jewellery line of bracelets and necklaces but a teacher, volunteer and musician. The brand name was fashioned by combining the names of her children.

4. Wicky Conceptstore

The ladies at Wicky have a creative knack for pulling together outfits that will reflect a strong personal style. From small little known designers to international brands they carry a lovely range of investment pieces.


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