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Lovely Leopards

This week I felt like a bit of a fun challenge. I love color and patterns but have never owned an item of clothing with #leopardprint I'm not entirely certain why I've never purchased one so I thought it was high time to see how I would feel in this pattern and if I'd actually end up enjoying it.

You may notice in the first pictures a slight look of discomfort as like most of us when trying something new I wasn't quite certain how I felt about this new look of mine. By midweek I'd hit my stride and since then I have become utterly obsessed with the leopard print blouse by Robert Friedman and integrated it into several of my looks. I suppose this is somewhat logical as I outlined in my 1 item post, I do love taking one investment piece and turning it into an incredibly versatile item in my closet. It avoids making shopping mistakes and ensures I truly love the items I ended up purchasing. It's one of the main pieces of advice that I give to my clients when we shop together.

So here goes for the leopard print looks found in the lovely Wicky Fashion and Lifestyle Store in Basel

The basis for this look stays the same and ended up being my favourite of the entire week. I'm still trying to talk myself out of purchasing the blouse as there's a touch of blue in it that makes the entire outfit pop. Plus it's super versatile. I wore with a simple black bra underneath but I'd put a bodysuit on for an every day look. Here the Robert Friedmann blouse is paired with Golden Goose Delux jeans but I also wore it with a beautiful N°21 satin skirt for a much dressier feel. Back to the jeans, I chose one size up than what I usually wear in order to contrast the very feminine feel of the blouse with a more relaxed boyfriend style look on the jeans. By adding simple black heels from L'Autre chose, the outfit remains cool and feminine. To pump up the fun level I layered either a sweater or a black velvet blouse by the unisex French brand Garçons Infideles. The level of detail in both items is stunning. This is then topped off by Stand Studio's classic fake fur coat.

Below is the variation I mentioned, same top, same heels but with a super feminine feel. I also swapped out the green Stand Official coat for one in blue that enhanced the lovely blue dots in the blouse.

The pictures here below were taken the first 2 days that I decided to give myself this leopard print challenge. My face clearly betrays my emotions as I'm clearly not quite sure what to make of this new look on me. So many stylists say that animal print is a neutral, as much as I love it on others I'm not yet convinced in these pictures that it's something I would pull off myself. The first look was the easiest for me as I do really enjoy contrasting patterns and am in love by the Italian designers behind the blouse, pants and clutch: La Double J.

The beige suit was tricker to pull off, the return of the power house large shouldered blazers needed to be paired with a slimmer pant as I'm not tall and would otherwise look like a boulder. I went for extra slim on the far right photo which was inspired by the fashion week looks where ladies were wearing leggings with blazers. Great for the runway but not something I'll be wearing in everyday life. On the other hand, the middle photo is a very neutral take on the leopard print and easy to pull off for most body types. The tank can be worn tucked in, belted or loose depending on your style.

My final look definitely shows that I've got this leopard print look in the bag. Although, I would have been quite happy to stay on this couch lounging for another hour. The dress works better for someone taller than me. It's not a great cut for someone of my size which is why I styled it with a sweater or blazer that was zipped up ;-)

As usual all these cool looks are courtesy the Wicky Store in Basel. I'm there next week Tuesday and Wednesday for questions and style advice.


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