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Jump for your Love of Jumpsuits

Three days before home quarantine was declared in Basel, I went to Wicky to admire all the new arrivals and plan photo shoots with clients. Two funky jumpsuits arrived from a newly stocked brand named OVERLOVER based in the USA.

I've uploaded the video of me trying on the jumpsuit as well as photos from the OVERLOVER Stine Satin Tie . Front jumpsuit

What I love about this is exactly the fact that we are wearing the looks in a different way. Dressing and styling is about wearing items that help you feel comfortable and/or help you feel your best. On the OVERLOVER website the two panels are tied together making for a deep plunging décollete, which, for me, inches close to a Jennifer Lopez look. I feel more at ease with a bit less of a plunge so I've tucked in both sides of the panel to make the look better suit my way of dressing. You could definitely add a broach to ensure that the sides don't move but since the fabric is very soft and flowy it would have to be a very, very light one, or try a simple pretty pin. I didn't have the immediate notion that the panels would slip and that this could happen but to be honest it's not like I did a test drive dancing around the block.

Images of the jumpsuit from left to right: Wicky instagram feed, Intermix Online, and the OVERLOVER instagram feed.

Before I sign off, below the second OVERLOVER jumpsuit that I adored. The joyful pattern truly makes me smile. To be honest I'm just preening in front of the camera but seeing me enjoy this lovely item brings a smile to my face and hopefully it does to yours too.

PS. I do love my crazy curls!!


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