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Dream a Little Dream of Me

As a fashion lover my heart has always wanted a Chanel treasure to call my own. This imaginary conversation has continually gone back and forth in my head. When would it be appropriate for me to purchase an item from them, how old should I be which item would I actually want to one. Strangely, the answer came in a small package delivered by our friendly post officer. It was not one of the scenarios I imagined nor was it truly planned but it was most definelty, love at first sight.

I love second hand bags, I have a penchant for either very classic styles or ones that are a bit off kilter and have a story. Personally, I come with bangs and bruises, they offer a reminder of what life is and what it is to learn to heal in a healthy manner. This lesson took me longer than I would care to admit but I'm proud of the journey and where it is bringing me. So back to Chanel.

After walking in to the REAWAKE store in Zurich and admiring their beautiful selection I began an animated conversation with Ksenia about vintage Chanel love. As I looked lovingly at their Chanel treasures I realised I was getting a step closer to what my heart wanted. A vintage Chanel, not too classical with some bumps and bruises to match mine. We spoke about finding pieces that were similar in age to ourselves, and I loved the parallel Ksenia made between an item and the way it's wearer will appreciate it.

Fast forward a few months. My trip to visit REAWAKE at it's new location in Jelmoli is cancelled as we were all staying home safe to avoid spreading the Corona virus. I reached out to the Rewake team on instagram to speak about my Chanel love. The first option seemed promising but once I had it in my hands it just didn't feel right. I took the time to speak with Rea, the founder of REAWAKE, about my dream bag. Lo and behold she had a special item that just didn't work to put online, it was in her words "too difficult to describe". Those words gave me goosebumps, because that's how I know somethings good.

Here's a snippet from our conversation: solid use of emojis coupled with humour and kind customer service.

Rea insisted on the importance of seeing and feeling this treasure before making any decisions. When it arrived it was love at first sight. The bag has had a life of it's own prior to us meeting. The patina has lost some of its shine but remains solid and beautiful, a testament of the quality of it's craftsmanship.

I told myself to go slowly and take the weekend to make a decision, but deep down I knew I found my treasure. The icing on the cake, we're basically the same age. So why now, when we were all locked in did I find my little dream piece. Well, I don't really have one specific reason and that's part of what makes unique. I could say it was for our wedding anniversary that just passed or for my 40th birthday but that's not entirely truthful. It's always been an item I knew I would love it was just a matter of waiting for the right one. Sometimes, it's just about being patient and what you are looking for will come to you when the timing is right.

Thank you to the REAWAKE team for helping me find my little dream item.


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