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Boss Lady - The Business Suit has Evolved

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Having spent over a decade working in corporate offices I love a good #bosslady outfit. Wether it was a soft silhouette or a full on powerhouse style I found something for every mood at the Wicky Fashion and Lifestyle store in Basel.

It’s interesting how in the 90s power dressing for woman was all about trying to fit into a man’s world. This led to large triangular silhouttes and those incredible enormous shoulder pads. Even today, I can vividly remembering watching my mother enter her classroom wearing heels and her pin striped Max Mara blazer with matching skirt. Of course, it was a pencil straight skirt that just hit the knee.

The evolution of the business suit or Boss Lady attire as I now like to refer to it, is quite fascinating. I feel as if the manner we as women dress has evolved along with the manner in which we are now able to enter the workforce. It’s still not always easy but instead of trying to copy men and insert ourselves into a world and a model of behaving that is not ours we are now creating work on our terms that suits our needs. It’s a wonderful step forward that I enjoy seeing unravel in real life and in fashion.

And now on to the this week's Boss Lady inspired looks ... all clothes can be found at Wicky in Basel, except for the red shoes, those are mine 😍👠😍

These images are all about having fun in a stunning suit. The cut of these pants is to do for. The ensemble is by Guage 81 a Dutch brand that no other store in Basel is carrying except for Wicky.

The coat is the most luxurious color of burnt orange and made by the Italian brand Forte Forte.

The shoes, as mentioned above, are my own Miu Miu heels bought a decade ago. More on my penchant for keeping heels at another time.

This super comfortable suit is great for the office, the school run or the weekend. It's a soft corduroy that's easy to pair with a fun top or a warm sweater for those cooler days. The blue and lavender suits are by Forte Forte as is the polka dot top. The cozy ski sweater is by Golden Goose as are the glitter gold shoes.

This is my party suit look as I've added a sheer blouse by the French brand Roseanna to make it a great evening out look, all while keeping the outfit practical with the Golden Goose embroidered sneakers. The suit can of course be worn with a simple t-shirt for an easy day look, sweater or more conservative blouse depending on your own personal style.

The level of detailed stitching on this suit is unbelievable and we struggled to get all of the the gorgeousness on camera which means you'll just have to come to the store yourself and see.


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