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Blame Grandma

Growing up investing in classical clothes of high quality was a priority. Basics that would not go out of style and that would withstand the test of the fashion life cycle. I grew up with a strong sense of being resourceful distaste of being wasteful. My grandmother, Marie Rose, would knit me sweaters whose quality meant they could be passed down through generations. She had survived WW II raising five children on her own while her husband fought the Nazis in the French Resistance. She saved everything, every little bit that could be of use in the future, wether in was a small jar or one piece of bread, all items were regarded with value. It was hold over from the war when resources were scarce and it's one that has been passed down through the generations. I'll post more on her shortly as I feel strongly that my family's experience is helping mine cope with today's pandemic.

Looping back to those knit sweaters from Marie Rose, I was taught early to respect and admire not only quality but the environment around us. It is for this reason that I'll be partnering with Designer Second Hand Basel to showcase my investment pieces as well as items from their boutique. It's a healthy way for my creative side to continue working, keep me healthy and support local shops in Basel.

Below a few of my older and more current investments that leave me smiling and happy.

- Red Prada coat purchased in 2004

- Blue sequin top purchased in 2018 from Stella McCartney (90% off at Bicester Village outlet centre)

- Gucci shoes purchased at an outlet in 2016, Grey Gucci cashmere sweater with coordinating matching pants as well as Love LEGO bag from Les Petits Jouers are all second hand purchases from Designer Second Hand Basel in 2019

- Red Miu Miu heels purchased in 2010


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