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Batter up (otherwise known as my random sports analogy)

As we round of our first month of self isolation I realised I had been questioning how I wanted to act during this period. Personally, I need a creative outlet. It's how I stay tethered and keep myself healthy. But my usual joy of colors and photos was changing and so as I dear friend pointed out this morning there was no need for me to keep up a pretence of perfect pictures aimed and framed exactly as I would "normally" want them. Today is about being more accepting, accepting of the bed sticking out of the corner and the angle of the shot slightly wonky because my wonderful son offered to help with pictures ... and because I tend to have some silly ideas that require extra hands.

In other words, I'm going up to bat. With a bit of practice and a lot of fun I'm learning how to take phots on my own and be satisfied of their outcome. The next photos and posts will reflect this acceptance and acknowledgement of our new reality and how grateful I am to be sheltered safely at home with my messy garden and trampoline.

As this issue finally settled in my stomach I was still left questioning how I could combine my need for creative release with helping my local community. The series of photos coming up this next week will all have an item or more from one of my favourite local Basel stores: Designer Second Hand Basel. As the name suggest, this boutique has a lovely array of second hand fashion ranging from high end brands such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci ... to local Swiss brands that make wonderful price friendly knits. For those of you unfamiliar with vintage or second pieces, it's a wonderful manner to make your wardrobe sustainable and environmentally friendly to your wardrobe selection. The fabrication process of making new materials is not one that is always kind to our climate, for example it can take 7600 laters of water to make a pair of jeans. To put that into perspective, it's akin to drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 10 years. It's one of the reasons I promote purchasing investments pieces as much as possible and have been buying second hand bags for decades (well 2 decades to be exact).

I hope you enjoy this new part of my journey, it feels only right when looking outside my window and seeing mother nature blossoming into spring to combine sustainable choices with our global need to self isolate. If you're curious about an item or have any questions please reach out to me or Franziska at

Stay healthy, stay safe.

xx Jules


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