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The 'Neutral' Boomerang Came Back

As I looked back on the photos and videos I posted the past 10 days the all have something slightly unusual in common: each is in a neutral tone. For the past year and a half I've started injected color into my investment purchases. And yes, I understand that this could be a surprise to those of you who have seen my wardrobe choices at Wicky. I did not used to love or be drawn that much to color.

Part of it was a need for practicality, I was a new mother, living in a new country, with a new job and I just wanted to be able to blend in and get on with it. Granted, it wasn't the healthiest of coping mechanisms but that's for a later discussion. At the time I was tired of constantly being asked why I had left New York for our small town and Belgium so dressing in a subtle manner just worked. I invested in pale pinks, soft biege tones and already owned lots of black so I simply played with one color palette a day. It made the job of getting dressed and out of the house that much easier.

As my expat journey in Basel became more permanent and I grew happier and the need to inject color into my wardrobe felt like a necessity. I suddenly could no longer wear anything that was black or grey or beige (I've since gotten over this but it was an interesting phase). What I find interesting is that in these uncertain moments I've drawn back to these neutral shades, there is something quietly comforting in these soothing tones. They no longer represent a way to blend unassumingly into a crowd or to go unnoticed rather they have evolved into a meditative look. It appears that balancing the uncertainty outside required a bit more tranquility on the inside.

Lovely neutrals from Wicky Conceptstore in Basel. The looks can be delivered directly to your home: contact them for more information +41 61 271 11 20,


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